Beetroot Causa

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Beetroot Causa with fresh truit tartare and fruit passion reduction


For the Causa

  • -  4 large yellow potatoes type.
  • -  2 tbsp. yellow Peruvian hot pepper puree approx.
  • -  2-3 green lemon juice approx. (key limes)
  • -  2 tbsp. vegetable oil approx.
  • -  2 beetroots. (parboil and blend for the puree)
  • -  Salt.

For the tartare

  • -    200 gr. Fresh truit.
  • -    ½ small avocado.
  • -    1 tsp. Fresh chopped dill.
  • -    1 tbsp. Chopped white onion.
  • -    1 tsp. Chopped capers.
  • -    1 green lemon juice approx.
  • -    Mayonnaise.
  • -    Salt.

For the fruit passion reduction

  • -    150 ml fruit passion juice
  • -    4-6 tbsp. White sugar


Beetroot Causa

Boil the potatoes, peel and pass them hot, through a potato presser twice.

Yellow hot pepper cream

Blanch the yellow hot pepper, remove the skin, blend with some oil and salt, until you get a soft cream puree.
Add to the pressed potatoes 3 tbsp. of the beetroot puree and then all the others ingredients. Flavours should be uniforms to obtain a homogeneous and nice tasty potato preparation. Shouldn`t be spicy.
Cool the potato mixture in the refrigerator for 15 min.


Diced into small pieces the fresh truit, add the chopped dill, onions, capers. Add the lemon juice as you need, the mayonnaise and finally the salt.

Passion fruit reduction

In a casserole, reduce the fruit juice and the sugar, until it boils and turns into a light syrup.

Suggested presentation

Spread the potatoes mixture in a base then spread the tartare filling and the avocado cubes in the center and finally cover again on top with more potato mixture. You can use a round metal cylinder or the shape you wish.
Garnish with chopped dill, avocado cubes, beetroot mayonnaise, fruit passion reduction and hardboiled quail eggs.